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    Is it safe to borrow from Bayport?
    I have never heard of Bayport.
    Is Bayport in my region?
    Who is eligible?
    What do I need to get a loan?
    Do I need collateral to get a Bayport loan?
    What can I use my loan for?
    I am not a civil servant nor is the company I work for approved by Bayport, how do I get a loan?
    How much of loan can I get?
    Is my salary enough to get a loan?
    Which is your cheapest loan product?
    Does Bayport offer Asset Finance?
    Can I pay my loan early if I want?
    How long will it take my loan paid into my account?
    I’ve heard there are delays in payment of loan into accounts.
    Bayport loans are too expensive.
    Can my Bayport loan be used to for my other loans/debts?
    Can I increase loan amount?
    If my monthly deducted are more that what was agreed what should I do?
    How do I make a complaint?
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Bayport Yashusha Makato-tena

Branch Locator

Karibu Bayport Tanzania

Bayport Financial Services Tanzania opened its doors in 2006 and has become a leading credit provider in Tanzania, offering Bayport products to government employees and employees of private companies approved by Bayport.

The company continues to grow even further into rural Tanzania. We believe in having branches closer to where our customers live and serving them through local Bayport staff, gives them easy access to responsible credit in a language they understand and by people they can trust.

Through credit Bayport has been able to change the trajectory of individual’s lives. From a life of scarcity to abundance. The ability to pay school fees or simply reaping the benefits of a small business venture that may have lagged behind because of lack of funding, Bayport has been an empowerment partner for many in mainland Tanzania — from Dar es Salaam to Songea, Mbeya to Mwanza and everywhere in between.

Bayport Tanzania has a highly committed team who continue to build on the brand promise and position Bayport as a market leader through innovative credit solutions credit and affordable insurance insurance products.